PS4 Requires PS Plus for Online Gameplay

Updated August 21st, 2014
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I was hoping that this wasn’t the case when I first heard that the Playstation 4 requires Playstation Plus for Online Gameplay… Unfortunately it is. One of the main reasons I ended up choosing the Playstation 3 over the Xbox 360 was because it was free to play online.

What? Playstation 4 requires Playstation Plus??

The one thing I think many gamers preferred about the Playstation 3 compared to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is that they didn’t have to pay a monthly or annual fee. With the Playstation 4, it looks like Sony will now be charging an online fee to play your multiplayer games with your friends.

I know that I’m a little behind the times by writing about this now since I’m pretty sure Sony had already announced that the playstation 4 requires playstation plus on day one when it was first reviled, I basically needed to vent :-)

So what does it cost??

It’s not all that bad when you think about. A Playstation Plus membership costs $49.95 if you purchase it annually. Not only does this include multiplayer for the PS4 but a number of other perks as well; Discounts up to 75% off, instant game collection, free games every month and much more. For more information check it out on Sony’s blog

playstation 4 requires playstation plus

My final thoughts on this is that I was initially bothered by the fact that Sony made the decision to charge for online multiplayer but for $49.95 annually I think it will be worth it in the end. One can hope that they will include a superior network infrastructure then what was used for the PS3.

What are your thoughts on this?